Tune Tape Tuesdays #41

So remember that shaggy-haired Scottish lad, Paolo Nutini, who had hits a few years back with Last Request and Candy? Well he's back, and has somehow transformed from gawky teen to bone fide stud muffin. Check out his newest single, Iron Sky, recorded live at Abbey Road Studios.

This week, in an attempt at an apology for my absence over the last month, I have put together the biggest Tune Tape in LBeLB history. Coming in at a massive 38 tracks and lasting nearly 3 hours, it's a comprehensive list of all things great and good happening in the world of music at the moment. Enjoy.

Top Picks
1. Midnight - Coldplay. It ain't no lie that I love Coldplay. Recently they released their track for The Hunger Games - Catching Fire Soundtrack, but in my opinion, Midnight is the far more powerful tune. Going down a more electronica-sounding route, it's a slow burner (unlike their earlier, more commercial material) but I guarantee it'll haunt you with its beautiful, restrained and subtle composition. 

2. Go Crazy (Jeezy Cover) - Paul Conrad. Born out of the Radio 1 Live Lounge (or for my Aussie viewers, Triple J's Like a Version), there seems to be a growing trend in the Indie scene of late: taking lewdly explicit HipHop tracks (usually about bitches and hoes) and magicking them in to pieces that can actually move you - like, emotionally 'n shit. First it was Florence + The Machine who did a cover of Drake & Rihanna's Take Care (which was actually a cover of Gil Scott-Heron's I'll Take Care of You, just showing off...). Then Chet Faker came out with his version of No Diggity (originally by Blackstreet). This week, I've absolutely fallen for Paul Conrad's cover of Jeezy's Go Crazy. His vocals are absolute magic, a complete contrast to the original, yet he manages to keep the gritty sexiness of Jeezy's track - with none of the smut. Play on, player.

3. Slow Down - EMBRZ. I've been listening to this song for nearly a month now. A month that has been, shall we say, a little up and down in terms of emotion and sentiment. Yet this song seems to work in every situation. On the bus to work, late at night when you're awake and feeling sorry for yourself, making dinner, entertaining friends… You name it. Try it, you won't be disappointed - it really is a cure-all.

Belle x

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