Wish List Monday #45

While London has its Bohemians, Paris owns Minimal Chic, and New York has practically trademarked Carrie Bradshaw and Blair Waldorf, there is a different style of fashionista that pounds the sun-drenched pavements of Sydney's inner Eastern Suburbs: The Urbanite. Over the last month, I've observed these graceful creatures and well, rather admired them actually. The Urbanite seamlessly combines the 'care-less' attitude and style of Grunge with tailored androgyny only found on the catwalks of YSL and Givenchy. Women with perfectly tousled bed-hair slink past you in leather pants, an oversized Tee, chunky boots and a silk blazer, serenely sipping on a wheatgrass smoothie as their Ray Bans glint in the sunlight. Somehow, my fail-safe combo of Air Max, skinny jeans and a boyfriend jumper ain't gonna cut it no more. Well If I can't beat the bitches, I'm gonna have to join them. 

Queue the First Ever Down Under Wish List Monday… 

All Prices Shown are in Australian Dollars…because I, like, live here now.
1. Double-Faced Wool-Blend Jacket by Chloé, Net-a-Porter, $2,298. Face Off, here.
2. Cut-Out Back Stretch-Cady Dress by Alexander Wang, Net-a-Porter, $862. Cut it out, here.
3. Cameron Washed-Silk Top by Equipment, Net-a-Porter, $303. Whitewashed, here.
4. Skinny Leather Pants by Acne Studios, Net-a-Porter, $1,675. Skinny Minnie, here.
5. Cat Eye Sunglasses in Peach by Vans, ASOS, $29. Cat got the (Peaches and) Cream, here.
6. Ripped Boyfriend Jeans, Zara, $54. Rip your heart out, here.
7. Suede Fringe Shoulder Bag, ASOS, $78. On the fringe, here.
8. Leather Belt by Miu Miu, Net-a-Porter, $306. You can belt on it, here.
9. 'Keon' by Lipstik Online, The Iconic, $80. Keon on you, here.
10. Riley III by Senso, The Iconic, $259. Third time lucky, here.

Belle x

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