Tune Tape Tuesdays #42

The main way I communicate is through music. It's generally the first thing I bond with people over, and - judgemental as it is - how I rate them. It's always been a huge part of my life, acting as the soundtrack to every month, season, and year since I was a youngster. So it seems only fair to share with you all the music that has got me through the last few weeks, in which I've pretty much turned my whole life on its head, and relocated to Sydney. Having been over here little over a month, I can say with some confidence that Aussies are really quite the discerning listener. They take tremendous pride in top-trumping you with their latest finds, and where once I was the sole DJ at house parties, I'm now vying for the aux cable with about ten others. 

So with no further ado, and no one to compete with on my own blog (psyche!), I give you the first Tune Tape from Down Under…

Top Tracks

1. Stay With Me (Rainer + Grimm Remix) - Sam Smith. We've all heard the original on Radio 1 or Australia's Triple J equivalent by now - Sam Smith, who shot to fame on the back of Disclosure's huge single Latch has given up featuring and started soloing. With moderate success, I might add. Except he's being marketed as a younger, slightly less handsome Michael Bublé. Which is kinda whack, because he's actually pretty awesome. Instead of putting some commercial club beat on the track, Rainer & Grimm have striped back the already (in my opinion) over-produced original and just made it one hell of a happy song. Roll down the windows and head to the beach - better make the most of that 23 Degree heatwave, eh UK…
2. Cocaine Model - Zhu. Zhu's stuff has been making background waves for some months now. It's original-sounding, yet not too up itself for it to be fairly easy-listening. If the title of the track isn't enough to get your attention, the line 'It's Isabel Marant, I got everything you want' should do the trick. Pure magic. Perfect your 'House Party Head Nod' to this track.
3. Depth Over Distance (Tale Cooper Edit) - Ben Howard. I've been a big fan of Ben's ever since his first album dropped in 2011. He's recently released a studio version of Depth Over Distance which is beautifully raw and alive, which in turn has been picked up by a number of DJs. Tale Cooper's Edit of the track is sensational. Keeping relatively close to the original edit of the song, he really makes Ben's vocals and lyrics the star of the show, spotlighting them with some subtle yet evocative backing beats and loops. The ultimate track to get lost in.

That's all folks! I'll be back with more next week. Until then…

Belle x

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