Wish List Mondays #39

As Ned Stark would tell you, "Winter, is coming". And in the fashion world, that can only mean one thing: new boots. This statement is none the less true even though I work for a major shoe company. You might think that the last thing I want to write about when I get home is shoes. But you'd be so wrong. Shoes, as my accessories-obsessed Grandmother would agree, are much more than foot coverings. There's a reason women - and men, let's not be sexist - get excited by a new pair. I reckon it goes back to childhood. That visit to the shoe store, where you were faced with a wall three times the size of you, and told to pick whichever one you wanted (so long as, of course, they were practical and not too expensive). Nowadays, practicality - and in many people's case, price - is not really an issue. Which I guess technically makes the occasion of buying a new pair of shoes much more thrilling. This week, I've done your homework for you. I've sourced out a collection of boots that will *I hope* fit every 'style tribe' out there, and all weights of wallets. So without any further ado, and only a small drum-roll, here is my pick of the best boots to get you through a British winter. Roll on the mince pies and Game of Thrones box-sets.

1. The Studded Rocker Boot: 'Langdon Fizz', Clarks, £80. Tell me about it, Stud, here.
2. The Biker Boot: 'Orinoco Club', Clarks, £50. Rev your engine, here.
3. The Indie Lace-Up: Leather Boots, H&M, £60. Play the lace card, here.
4. The Dress Heel: Suede Ankle Boots by Bottega Veneta, Matches Fashion, £495. Well heeled, here.
5. The Smart Wedge: 'Lorenzo Ocean' in Black Ponyskin, Clarks, £80. Giddyup, here.
6. The 70's: Leather Knee High Boots by Chloé, Matches Fashion, £860. That 70's Show, here.
7. The Statement: Shark-Lock Leather Wedge Boots by Givenchy, Matches Fashion, £1,430. Go sharking, here.
8. The Riding Boot: 'All Out' in Black Tan Leather, Office, £110. Tally-Ho, here.

No Winter shopping spree would be complete without a coat, so here's one I'm lusting after this season:

Cream Biker-Style Coat by Red Herring, Debenhams, £80. Cat got the cream, here.

Belle x

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