Wish List Mondays #46

Whether you're Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, or Fran Drescher in The Nanny, there's no denying that separates are big this season. For those of you unfamiliar with Fran, The Nanny was one of my most treasured 90's TV shows, and centred around a loud-mouthed New Yorker with a passion for [bad] fashion who becomes an accidental nanny to an Upper-East Side family. Unfortunately I don't think it made the leap onto British TV screens, so it had been about 12 years since I last watched an episode. Thankfully Australian television is still 12 years behind the rest of the world and still plays it on daytime. Yet, what once seemed like the most ridiculous two-pieces, are now not looking so bad, thanks to the recent resurgence in popularity of everything 90's. Take a look…

Although there's no denying how much I love Fran, I decided to go for more, shall we say, 'demure' separates for this week's Wish List. Think Audrey Hepburn 1950's Riviera chic. And as an outfit is only as good as the accessories you wear it with, I've suggested some stuff to pair it with. It's just like playing with Barbie.

1. iPad Mini in Silver, Apple Store, from $479. Up the creek without an iPad, here.
2. 'Highbury' White Heeled Sandals, ASOS, $82. White Hot, here.
3. Rapture Cat Eye Acetate Sunglasses by Le Specs, Net-a-Porter, $57. Specs Appeal, here.
4. Speckled Backpack by Hype, ASOS, $49. Don't believe it, here.
5. Marilu Woven Clutch by Sophie Anderson, Matches Fashion, $224. Dream-Woven, here.
6. Broderie Anglaise Shirt by Christopher Kane, Net-a-Porter, $877. Citizen Kane, here.
7. Arizona White Flat Sandals by Birkenstock, ASOS, $98. Raising Arizona, here
8. White & Gold Aztec Bangle by House of Harlow, The Iconic, $69. Go out with a bangle, here.
9. Reversible Crochet-Knit Headband by Missoni, Net-a-Porter, $99. Flip Reverse It, here.
10. Broderie Anglaise Skirt by Christopher Kane, Net-a-Porter, $806. Broderie before Hosiery, here
11. Medium Jet Set Centre-Stripe Travel Tote, Michael Kors, USD$298. Jet Set Go, here.
12. White Block Heel Cleated Sole Sandals by River Island, The Iconic, $110. Sole Sisters, here.
13. Olive Taupe Suede Woven Wedges, Office, £36. Don't be Suede, here.
14. England's Glory Imperial Matchbox Clutch by Anya Hindmarch, Matches Fashion, $2,181. Little Matchbox Girl, here.
15. Lady Ibiza Toquilla Straw Sunhat by Sensi Studio, Net-a-Porter, $231. Last Straw, here.

If after all that, you're still hankering for a piece of Fran's closet, I got something you might like. What can I say, I'm a people pleaser.
1. a) Jacket in Floral Print and Embellishment, ASOS, $118.
b) Shorts in Floral Print and Embellishment, ASOS, $78. 
Buy both here.
2. a) Petite Blue Leaf Print Woven Tshirt by Girls on Film, ASOS, $47. Buy it here.
b) Petite Blue Leaf Print Skort by Girls on Film, ASOS, $39. Buy it here.
3. a) Geo Cropped Boxy Shirt by Warehouse, ASOS, $69. Buy it here.
b) Geo Soft Shorts by Warehouse, ASOS, $63. Buy them here.
4. a) Cherub Mesh Sweatshirt by The Laden Showroom x Salle de la Lune, ASOS, $108.
b) Cherub Skater Skirt by The Laden Showroom x Salle de la Lune, ASOS, $108. 
Buy both here.
5. a) Striped Jumper with Contrast Band, ASOS, $47. 
b) Skirt in Striped Knit with Contrast Band, ASOS, $59. 
Buy both here.
6. a) Diamond Print Sweatshirt by The Laden Showroom x Salle de la Lune, ASOS, $108.
b) Diamond Print Skater Skirt by The Laden Showroom x Salle de la Lune, ASOS, $108. 
Buy both here.

Until next time, Fashion Friends.

Belle x

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