Tune Tape Tuesdays #35

It might not be a Tuesday, but perhaps this Tune Tape is coming to you at a good time: just before the weekend. Here in balmy Bristol, we're being treated to a balloon festival, where, every evening, hundreds of hot air balloons float through the skies above the city delighting children and adults alike. It's a beautiful time to be outside and enjoying a barbecue - and what do barbecues need even more than a piles of assorted undercooked meat? Music. And I think I've got just the ticket...

It's the Return of the King. The Kings of Leon, that is. And about time too. A couple of weeks ago, they released their first single since 2010: Supersoaker. As a massive KoL fan, I have to be honest: I was fairly underwhelmed. Luckily this week, they dropped their second single off their new album, 'Mechanical Bull' (available to buy 23rd September), and have totally restored my faith with Wait for Me. Sounding more like a return to their 'Aha Shake Heartbreak' days, but with the emotion of Pyro, it signals a great return to form and proves that the Kings have still got it. 
Next up is a track that uses possibly the most epic recording sample I've ever heard in a Deep House track: the Emperor speech from Charlie Chaplin's The Dictator. Sax is provided by the incredibly talented Adrian Symes - think Klangarussell, but smoother and sexier. Unlike a lot of 'epic speech' samples that have been used before, Thomas Jack manages to blend it perfectly with both the beat and melodies. I'm excited, how bout you.
While not exactly new, this song is new to me - and it's utterly timeless. Third on this week's list is Didn't I, by the 70's soul artist Darondo. Lesser known (and less cheesy) than the BeeGees, this track will inject your iTunes library with some serious soul. 
I've featured a couple of Kulkid tracks on here lately. This week he's back, with his new remix of Mumford & Sons' huge hit of 2012: I Will Wait. Without being too obvious about it, Kulkid gives new life to the track and turns it into quite a subtle - but powerful - well, banger, blending house with a dash of Jamaican dancehall perfectly. Who doesn't like a smattering of steel drums. If I Will Wait was too "gay" for you guys out there to listen to first time around, at least you can now enjoy it without fear of growing a vagina.
Speaking of steel drums, next up is BASECAMP (what is it with bands and capitalised names these days.) with Emmanuel. Listed as 'electronic R&B', it's almost impossible to put this category in any genre, but don't let that put you off - it's great because it's original. With a vibe that is perfect in almost any situation - enough beat to move to, yet sexy and slow enough to be chilled - it's a great new addition to your iPod.
BANKS is everywhere at the moment, but this week they've teamed up with SOHN who has helped produce their latest track, Waiting Game. You can definitely hear his influence in the track - it's much more subtle, more dark, and less indie; defiantly Chillwave in nature. It's definitely the best thing they've done to date - I hope to hear more in the future.
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Indie. Which is why I'm super excited about the next track: Beggar in the Morning by The Barr Brothers. Indie to the point of singer-songwriter acoustic, it's exactly the kind of sound I like to chill out to. A song you can imagine on the soundtrack of something like 500 Days of Summer, it's both happy in sound, but powerful in lyrics. Perfect to listen to on those sunny mornings in to work.
I absolutely adore Fink. This is the Thing is one of my favourite songs ever. Synapson has taken his track, Maker, and given it an ingenious makeover, putting in some extra instrumentals and a Funky House beat. Warning: may result in sex. 
On my weekend on the East Coast we had no choice but to listen to late-night Kiss FM. As much as I have my doubts about late-night radio (I can't help but think about Alan Partridge), this song came on and totally blew me away. It's Aeroplane's remix of Grace Jones' William's Blood. I'll be honest, I'm not a massive fan of Miss Jones, but what Aeroplane have done to this track is bloody epic. Not quite Progressive House, not quite Dub, it's seven and a half minutes of awesome. And 'awesome' is a genre.
Next up are two songs by Jakubi, a new artist I discovered this week. Although I've kind of gone off new Hip-Hop lately (too many Drake and Kanye wannabes as far as I'm concerned), I can't help but like this guy's style. In both Can't Afford it All and Holiday there are fewer bitches, hoes, and expletives; more in keeping with mid-00's artists such as Gym Class Heroes - combining rap with melodies that you will have in your head for days. There might not be much of a 'message', but with a vibe this happy, who really gives a shit. 
Finally, we have Misterwives with Coffins, who are following in the footsteps of female-led bands such as The Jezabels. These bands combine unusual lyrical themes with beautiful melodies and instrumentals (in this case, violins) to produce moving and emotive tracks that offer up a new meaning with every listen. Powerful stuff.

Belle x

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