Tune Tape Tuesdays #36

Here at LBeLB, we like to roll with the times. Which is why, if something isn't working, I try to fix it. Take Tune Tape Tuesdays. A few of you have fed back that the sheer megaload of great music I give you every week, in separate Soundclouds, slows down their Internet browser and makes y'all a sad panda. So I've taken the liberty of trying to find a solution. Instead of listing every song individually, I've put them all into a set - hopefully making running time smoother, and allowing you to play the whole Tune Tape at once (without having to click on each track when the last one ends). Let me know whether this set-up works better. As for the introductory jargon - let's do away with it for a while, and just appreciate the music on its own. If any of you really enjoy my ramblings, then drop me a line, and depending on demand, I'll pick it up again.

Happy listening.

Belle x

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