Fashion Spotlight On: Emma Cook

I have a bit of an obsessive nature. If I like a song, I'll listen to it until I'm sick of it. If I like a food, I'll eat it every day until I can't stand the taste of it. TV Shows? I'll watch all series back-to-back (I finished 5 seasons of Breaking Bad in two weeks.). Recently, I've become a bit obsessed with a fashion designer. Like, literally fallen in love with everything she does. Her name is Emma Cook, and she's bloody brilliant.

Graduating from St Martin's College of Fashion with contemporaries such as Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen (RIP), Emma is a seasoned professional. Yet, compared to her glorified peers, she's flown relatively under the radar over the last decade; the guilty pleasure of clued up members of the 'fash pack'. But she cannot be contained! In the last few seasons, online wholesalers such as Net-a-Porter, Matches, and even ASOS have picked up her collections and flogged them to a greedy consumer. And I'm happy to say I'm one of them. Her beautiful designs, featuring digital prints in the style of Mary Karantzou or Peter Pilotto, sell for a fraction of the price. They are more playful, less serious, and immensely wearable - whether you're a teenage raver, or a 35 year old CEO. Shift Dresses, T-Shirts, Skirts, Shorts and Jackets are taken to a level you will only recreate by taking LSD; kaleidoscopic prints make your eyes feel like they've been staring at an optical illusion for too long. In a good way. You can check out her newest collection here and make a mental shopping list of pieces you'll be buying when it arrives in-store in December this year. Here are my choice picks of her Resort 2014 collection:

If you can't wait that long, don't fear. I've also made a Wish List of her pieces available to buy now - get ready for handbags at dawn, ladies, 'cause these bad boys are selling fast...

Belle x

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