Wish List Mondays #42 - Date Night

Whether it's a blind or a double, a first or a last, or some kind of weird Tinder/eharmony/potential catfish situation, most girls get anxious over what to wear on a date. We all want to exude sex appeal, but unless you're turning up to a date at a fetish swingers club, we don't want to look slutty. We want to appear like we haven't given this outfit much thought at all, yet we want to look like we've put some effort towards looking nice. Once you've gotten your head around that, you then have to tailor your outfit towards what kind of date environment you will be experiencing: outdoor or indoor - of which the latter can be either super-smart, or "smart-cashe" (smart-casual.). I've been dating for approximately a third of my lifetime. And while this makes me no expert on 'dating' per-se, I think I've pretty much grasped the basics of a good date outfit. I've tried to cover the three main date situ's (L-R): Outdoor (think Bonfire Night or a Christmas Market), Indoor-Restaurant (food=bloating=loose fitting top), Indoor-Swanky Cocktail Bar (LBD's are so last decade; LWD's are where it's at). So with no further ado, I give you the three wardrobe outlines to your perfect date outfit. Ah, l'amour…

The Outdoor Activity Date
1. Tall Crystal Stud Jumper, Topshop, £46. Help me crystallise, here.
4. Veronica Tartan Wool Mini-Skirt by Karl Lagerfeld, Net-a-Porter, £200. Mini Monochrome, here.
6. Tall Hooded Lightweight Jacket, Topshop, £60. Blackjack(-et), here.
11. 'Aubrey2' Suede Cutout Boots, Topshop, £78. A cut above, here.
12. 100 Dernier Control-Top Tights, H&M, £8. Control freak, here.

The Restaurant Date
2. Tall Satin Cami, Topshop, £20. Red Dead Redemption, here.
5. Super Skinny Super Low Jeans, H&M, £30. Skinny Minny, here.
9. Minaudiére with Zip, Zara, £26. Zip it, here.
13. Leopard-Print Calf-Hair and PVC Pumps by Gianvito Rossi, Net-a-Porter, £520. Pump it up, here.
14. Premium Cubic Zirconia Studs, Topshop, £16. Stud muffin, here.

The 'Money no Object' Date
3. Faux Pearl-Embellished Knitted Dress by Alexander McQueen, Net-a-Porter, £1,725. (Faux) Pearls of Wisdom, here.
7. La Laque Couture Nail Polish in Rouge Pop Art by Yves Saint Laurent, Selfridges, £18. Nailed it, here.
8. Body Glow by NARS, Selfridges, £44. Rock your body (glow), here.
11. Dolce Embellished Brocade Clutch by Dolce & Gabbana, Net-a-Porter, £895. Dolce Vita, here.
15. Pinky Twist 18-Carat Gold Diamond Ring by Halleh, Net-a-Porter, £1,250. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, here.
16. High Heel Strappy Sandals, Zara, £60. Golden girl, here.

Good luck on your quests for love, lust, and everything in-between.


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