The Top 100 Film Challenge

Anyone who knows me knows that I love film. And no, not just Disney films, you smart arses. Every Orange Wednesday - and most Saturdays and Sundays - you'll find me at the cinema, large popcorn in hand, settling down to watch the latest flick. Before today, I would have probably told you I was a bit of a film buff, but that changed when I decided to have a casual look at what the top 100 films on IMDB were. You might imagine my shock and amazement when I realised I had seen precisely 35% of these. So, obviously, this has to change. I've decided to set myself the challenge of watching the 65 films I haven't seen before Christmas this year. Seeing as there are only 61 days until Christmas (I know right? So exciting!) this averages out at very slightly more than one film a day, so I've got some work cut out for me.

My plan is to share with you, every week, my thoughts on the films I've seen, and whether or not I think they deserve their place in the 'Top 100'. So you guys can chart my progress, I've made a wee website, with all the films I have still to watch in red, and all those I have seen crossed out (it's not rocket science). Admittedly, there are some pretty embarrassing things I have never gotten round to watching, which include: 
  • The whole Star Wars sextet (yep, even the new ones with Ewan McGregor)
  • The Godfather Trilogy
  • Any Indiana Jones.
  • The Terminator Movies
  • Back to the Future
  • Pretty much anything from the 80's or set in space.
I've decided to start with The Godfather (Parts I & II), and then I thought you guys could give me direction from there. Comment, tweet or FB me your suggestions and recommendations for this week, and I will do my best to watch them. Also check out the IMDB list (here) - how many have you seen?

Belle x

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