Wish List Mondays #30

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's another late Wish List. Cry me a river. Some people have JOB INTERVIEWS to attend. Which got me thinking: seeing as I'm now technically an actual grown-up, with a degree and everything, I'm going to need a bit of a wardrobe maturation. Unfortunately, slogan Tees and shiny leggings don't quite cut it in the boardroom. In light of this, I thought I'd put together three different, but interview-appropriate, outfits to inspire your move into the world of industry. Welcome to the party, kids. Three things to remember when meeting your potential future boss/subordinates (however you look at it):

1. Have a gimmick. I don't mean a weird accent, or a limp. Wear something different; a patterned shirt, bold shoes, or a statement necklace. Not only is it a conversation starter, it will make sure you're remembered out of a sea of corporate suits. Win.

2. Tie your hair up. There is nothing more annoying, distracting, and off-putting than someone nervously fiddling with their split ends. I'm totally guilty of doing this when it's down, so for God's sake, do yourself a favour and keep your hair away from your hands. It also shows off your beautiful, expressive, and honest (?) face.

3. Unless your auditioning for a job as a hooker, tone down the makeup. No one wants to hire a Kardashian.

Alright, enough preaching. Time for some FASHION.

1.  'Cecila' Venice Swirl-Print Shirt by Erdem, Matches, £550. Give it a swirl, here.
2. Black Geek-Chic Glasses by John Lennon, Glasses Direct, £125. Through the looking-glass, here.
3. 'Heroine' Structured Leather Bag by Alexander McQueen, Matches, £1,595. Heroine addict, here.
4. Harem Tailored Trousers by Sportmax, Matches, £125. Wear the trousers, here.
5. Horse Necklace by Bill Skinner, ASOS, £135. Horsing around, here.
6. Nail Polish in Russian Roulette by Essie, Superdrug, £8. Red or Dead, here.
7. Hi Strap Sandals by UNIQUE, Topshop, £115. Strap on, here.

1. Sky Blue V-Neck Shirt, Zara, £23. Sky's the limit, here.
2. Slim Runway Orange Strap Watch by Michael Kors, ASOS, £145. The future's orange, here.
3. Red Metal T-Bar Sandals, River Island, £30. Heavy metal, here.
4. 'Mason' Navy Flared Skirt, Reiss, £89. In the navy, here.
5. 'Designer' Satchel in Green/Navy, The Cambridge Satchel Company, £133. Satchel good look, here.

1. Basic Blazer in Navy, Zara, £50. Blazer trail, here.
2. Floral Cutout Playsuit, Topshop, £50. Cut it out, here.
3. Jet Set Travel Medium Saffiano Tote by Michael Kors, Selfridges, £240. Tote-al Recall, here.
4. Flamingo Bangle in Light Pink, Anna Lou of London, £38. Flaming go, here.
5. French 75 Suede Stiletto in Pink, Whistles, £125. Pink to make the boys wink, here.

Good luck with the job hunt mes belles!

Belle x

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