Wish List Mondays #31

Arright my luvver? Development of the week: I have moved out of Surrey. Yes, that was quick. Speedy Gonzales quick. For at least this week, if not this month, I am residing in the beautiful city of Bristol - with the premise of landing a job. Which is why this Wish List is coming to you a day late - yesterday was spent entirely on buses, day tripping it over to the little town of Street, Somerset. By the time I got back, the sun was setting over Clifton's suspension bridge:

(unforch not my photo)
Anyway, back to the Wish List. On my expedition through the interweb this week, I came across this 'totes amaze' sleeping bag:


Definitely one to pull out for festival season. Imagine the fun. Imagine it. Buy it from Urban Outfitters here.

As amazing as this is, hopping down the High Street in this bad boy might prove hazardous for the somewhat less coordinated of us (me). So I've put together a Wish List of slightly more conventional - but no less stylish - pieces for you to covet. Enjoy.

1. 'Ne Jamais Tomber Amoureuse d'une Rock Star' Embellished T-Shirt, Zara, £20. Sound advice, here.
2. Red Strappy Cami Top, Topshop, £18. Top of the shops, here.
3. Oversized Black Framed Halo Madonna Tshirt by Givenchy, SSense, $730. Hail Mary, here.
4. Stripe-Print Shorts by Sea NY, Matches, £265. Hello Sailor, here.
5. Beetlejuice Black & White Striped Jeans, Mango, £35. Don't matter if you're Black or White, here.
6. White Stretch Shorts, H&M, £8. All-white on the night, here.
7. ZZ D-Frame Sunglasses by Céline, Matches, £220. Frame-by-Frame, here.
8. Oversized Willow Clutch in Black, Mulberry, £795. Berry nice, here.
9. Red Suede Sandal with Ankle Strap, Zara, £70. Seeing red, here.
10. Gold Plated Necklace, Gogo Philip, £17. Gogo Dancing, here.
11. Cut Out Mickey Mouse Ring by Gogo Philip, ASOS, £15. Taking the Mickey, here.
12. Black Leather & Suede Mix Sneaker, Mulberry, £425. Don't be suede, here.

Summer love,
Belle x

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