Tune Tape Tuesdays #31

This week I took a trip to the N-Dubs - that's 'street' for North-West London for those of you who aren't familiar with the origins of Tulisa Constavilopipoppopos's musical rise (and fall) from fame. Considering I'd never ventured further than Camden, this was obviously quite exciting. It also explains why this week's Tune Tape is a bit late. I'll try and make it up to you...

I've been singing Flume's praises for a while know - their mash up with Notorious BIG was a thing of genius - but this week they've teamed up with another Rap artist: T.Shirt. T.Shirt's tone is, admittedly, similar/inspired by Biggie, but Flume's uplifting, self-classified 'Flume-Step' (somewhere between Chillwave and Dubstep), really makes the track. Stick it on and get psyched.

If you're in a part of the country where the weather is less than Summery - i.e. here, in Bristol - then this is the song to stick on and pretend you're somewhere where the sun actually shines. If you're into soundscapes, this is a track for you - the beat rolls just like the waves, lulling you into a state of summery bliss. Sweet dreams from Robin Schultz.

If you're a fan of a) Progressive House, and b) Passenger, then this remix by Kygo is pretty much a dream come true. Amazingly, Kygo is 21. Which, and not to sound patronising at 22, is fucking impressive. He treats the track with a huge amount of respect and sensitivity that artists twice his age haven't grasped yet. If you're interested, he's also produced some pretty decent remixes of artists such as James Blake, Rihanna, and Matt Corby. Check out his SoundCloud page here.

Well it wouldn't be a Tune Tape without a cover, would it. This week it comes courtesy of Disclosure, who have successfully turned a song I can't stand into one that I love. Although they really haven't done anything radical in terms of tempo, style, or vocals, I inexplicably prefer this version to the Duke Dumont that's playing on the radio. Maybe I have a certain snobbery towards the Top 40. Maybe I just prefer Disclosure's vocal tones. Either way, it's this version, rather than D.D's that I'll be bouncing around to this Summer.

For this week's dose of Indie, I've chosen The Dig's track, I've Already Forgot Everything You Said. With it's muted riffs and dreamy vocals, you'd think it was just another song to get you down. But weirdly, it's kind of empowering. Perfect for those long, staring-out-the-window commutes to work.

Posted two years ago, this song is, admittedly, pretty old. But AMTRAC's an artist whose tracks are so strong that they feel brand spanking new. Even though he's flown pretty much under any radar over the last few years, he's amassed a collection of tracks to rival other electronic heavyweights such as Nicolas Jaar or Joy Orbison. And unlike many, most of his tracks are hits rather than misses. In this case, AMTRAC has taken on Metric's quirky Indie track, Blindness, turning it into a sophisticated Dubstep track that is neither filthy nor offensive - just pure class. 

However, if filthy and offensive Dubstep is your thing, check out the newest track from one of the genre's reigning champions, Zeds Dead. As ever, the duo more than delivers on both quality and originality. Thankfully they've stayed away from the stereotypical (and now sorely dated) Dubstep nasty wobble, preferring something a little more subtle - though no less filthy. Get your [reformed] bass face on, because Zeds Dead, baby. Zeds Dead.

Here's another vintage track that I've only just discovered. When I was 16, I had a brief, but passionate, flirtation with French Electro. It seems I'm having a revival. Andy Carmichael's remix of Coeur de Pirate's track, Comme des Enfants makes you want to dance 'comme un enfant' (that's "like a child", for those of you that failed GSCE French) with it's unashamedly feel good Electro-Pop vibe. Stick it on and rewind the years.

So I thought we'd finish on something relaxing. This belongs in a genre that my friend has named 'ambientronica' - somewhere between a soundscape and Chillwave, but doing it's own thing. Similar in sound and vibe to Sizzlebird, Catching Flies manages to seamlessly blend chipmunk-high vocals with truly inspiring instrumentals. It shouldn't work, but it really does. 

Y'all have a great weekend now!

Belle x

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