Tune Tape Tuesdays #3.5

So my boyfriend is really into Hip Hop. Mainly old school stuff: Wu Tang, Nas, Cypress Hill - which I love - but lately I've discovered some 'Nu-Skool' Hip Hop which I'm actually really digging; a lot of chilled electro vibes and incorporating of samples from well-known songs (along the lines of Plan B's Paint it Blacker album, but less depressing). This 'new' Hip Hop sounds fresh and light - think Californian beaches rather than Brooklyn bleakness. Stand out of this Tune Tape is Skiff's 'Van Wilder' - if you're a student, you will relate to lyrics such as "haven't made it to a class all month, only thing that's passed around me is the blunt". So grab a bud, put a scarf on and soak up the last of the 2012 sunshine to these tunes...

FYI, a great website for Hip Hop mixes - free to download - is www.mixstream.com. Totes legal, and really inventive stuff.

Belle x

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