Tune Tape Tuesdays #9

So it's official. There's only one more week 'til Christmas. Seeing as 'tis the Season to be jolly', I thought I'd let you all in on a little musical secret that I've managed to keep to myself since Summer. It's called Discovr, and it's amazng (see what I did there). If you treat yourself to one app a year, make it this one. ( Click HERE to get it immediately.) It's the best thing you can buy for £1.49. Apart from maybe double-stuffed Oreos. They're pretty damn good. Essentially, it is like a music God in your pocket. You type in an artist that you like:
To show you just how good it is, I typed in a rather obscure artist - Alphabet Pony - who creates mainly Drum & Bass. Here's what it came up with:
None of whom I had previously heard of. Because this app is genius, you can then do this:
On whatever takes your fancy. I chose to have a browse of Seismix's music, and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with Discovr for matching this up. Well played.
Click on other artists, and you will eventually end up with a cool looking web like this:
...which apart from looking really cool, is also pretty damn useful and intelligent in terms of matching you up with new music.

Before you all go download and I'm out of a job, I thought I'd better give you your tune tape for this week. Some songs are curtesy of Discovr, some have been found through my own hard graft (yeah no worries, you're welcome).

Big love this week to Chrome Sparks. I've got a couple of their songs, and they are all beautiful and offer something different. Definitely check them out on Spotify/YouTube/Soundcloud when you have a minute - you won't regret it, I promise. Another gem is Josh Kumra's cover of Jessie Ware's Wildest Moments. Brings a totally new feel to the song, and Josh's voice is just incredible. Mark my words - he's gonna be the new Ben Howard... For a bit of a Christmas skank, have a listen to We Have Arrived and get down and dirty with yo'self. Finally, I was pleasantly surprised when I found out Shout Out Louds had released a new song. I hadn't heard anything from them for about 5 years, and their new single doesn't disappoint. Happy listening and Merry Christmas.

Belle x

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