Tune Tape Tuesdays #8

Tomorrow I am holding a Christmas Party. I am very excited about it and want you all to know. Parties mean different things to different people. My idea of a good party is a group of friends coming over, getting crunk, and dancing around my coffee table. Yours might be more mellow, or involve male strippers - each to their own. But what is a party without music?

This week I've compiled a playlist of songs guaranteed to get any party going, whatever your personal preferences. Top of this list is Gyptian's Hold Yu, which I defy any sane human being not to shake their moneymaker to. The next four are for those who like to sway to the beats of Drum&Bass - special mention to Alphabet Pony, who's a friend of a friend. Trust me, he's gonna be big. Bachelors of Science's Song for Lovers is also one of my favourite songs of all time, so no hating on that please. The next four tunes are for those of you who think you're pretty cool and alternative. Your parties may feature people with ridiculous haircuts and/or monocles - these tunes are a bit different, just like all of you! For those in the know, What So Not is actually Flume's alter-project, and is more dancey/high energy than his usual offerings. After these, we have three songs for those of you that like to turn your home into a nightclub for the evening. These songs demand much enthusiastic fist-pumping and booty-shaking. Credit must go to Goodwill & Hook n Sling for managing to successfully transform one of my favourite indie songs by Angus and Julia Stone into a great house track. Finally, for those of you that like to party sitting down with their friend Mary Jane, the final four should pair perfectly with your substance-induced mood. Whatever your party partiality, let loose and enjoy this Tune Tape...and Merry Christmas!

Belle x

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