Tune Tape Tuesdays #14

I'm sure all of you have watched - or at least seen the photos of - Beyoncé's big debut at the Superbowl Halftime on Sunday. In light of this, I thought it only fitting that this week's Tune Tape should pay some sort of homage to 'Queen B' - but not in the way you're expecting, oh no. Rather than putting a collection of my 'Top Ten Destiny's Child Songs' (which was tempting), I thought I'd try and merge the spirit of Tune Tape Tuesdays with the attitude of Beyoncé; creating some sort of New Music Hyper-Beast Love Child. To me, being 'Bey' is about being three things: Fierce, Kind, and Beautiful. I think I've captured 'Fierce' in the cutting edge and experimental selection of artists I've put together for you - currently trailblazing their way through the emerging music scene. As for 'Kind', I've decided to put all these songs into a folder and share them with you - no more hunting them down, or looking them up on YouTube - they're yours to keep! Just click HERE. You're welcome. And finally, 'Beautiful' - I didn't know what to put here, so I decided to just put one of my modelling shots up...

Is my body too Bootylicious for you, baby?! 

Ok. Enough joking around - let's get back to what we're all here for. This week's top spot goes to Yarin's remix of the up'n'coming Jeremih (who featured a few Tune Tapes back with a remix of his song F*ck U All The Time) with Birthday Sex. As with most of Jeremih's songs, it's just all too easy to turn them into down-right dirty 'bump in the night' songs (if ya catch ma drift.). If Bey's performance has left you feeling like you need an injection of sex appeal, this tune will do the job. Next up is Halls with their song Lifeblood. This is a little hard to describe. It's kind of like hearing a slow Jeff Buckley a foetus. Yes. A foetus. The beat in the background is no doubt supposed to be a heartbeat (hence Lifeblood), but the hypnotic, multi-layers of the track cocoon you in sound - it really is something to behold. Next, I believe I have found the 2010's equivalent to Death Cab For Cutie - the band who, in the mid-00's, were almost solely responsible for the tidal wave of 'American Indie-Pop' that came to be associated with The OC Soundtrack. Dog and Panther have been passed this sacred torch, and are trying to ignite the indie flame for a new generation. Using more synth than Death Cab, but still the same kind of feel, Giant Hands will take you back to the days were mobile phone screens were still black and white, and Gypsy skirts were the height of fashion. If you're in the mood (for dancing), Little Daylight's Overdose is a guilt-free helping of feel-good Pop to stomp your feet to. If you're looking for something more adventurous, I would suggest the brilliant Toro Y Moi with their song Say That. It's not for everyone, but it's a fantastic tune to stick on and have a few drinks to. Toro Y Moi are going places, trust me. If, like me, you're a fan of 'ambientronica', then you should enjoy Yume's Admire, which, if I can describe it any way, sounds weightless. It's the soundtrack to floating, if floating were possible. Finally, Ryan Hemsworth is a massive player on the new music scene (along with co-horts and TTT regulars Cyril Hahn, MiTiS, and Chrome Sparks). This week features his remix of the incredible Grimes tune Genesis. What I love about Ryan is that his remixes are pretty much stand-alone tracks. Instead of just shuffling about or speeding up a track, he builds a new track which captures the emotion you feel from the original - subtly slipping in features of the first as a thank you for the inspiration. Have a listen and see if you agree. Last of all are two songs which are a bit out there: Virgin Magnetic Material's remix of one of my favourite 80's songs, The Killing Moon. VMM slows the song down so you can appreciate the lyrics, while simultaneously introducing a subtle, sexy beat. At nearly 8 minutes, it's not a short one, but it's definitely worth a listen. The second song is Vondelpark's California Analog Dream, which, *if* I smoked certain illicit substances, would definitely match the mood which it *apparently* induces. Anyway, have a listen - on here AND on your iPods - and enjoy!

Belle x

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