Wish List Mondays #14

On Friday morning, I looked out of my bedroom window and saw something I hadn't seen in weeks: sunshine. Making a dive across my bed for my phone, I frantically texted my über-trendy Asian friend (the limited edition, shiny Pokémon card of friends) and pleaded with her to come assist me on a 'Street-Style' post on campus. Filled with hope, I boarded the bus to university - the same time that a huge black cloud appeared. We got as many shots as we could before the rain came down and washed every stylish person away. Needless to say, this is only Part One - we will have to wait for another monthly bout of sunshine before we attempt Part Two... 

Name: Nicolette
Age: 21
Studying: Economics

What would you describe your style as?: Comfortable.

Name: Ed
Age: 22
Styding: History of Art

How would you describe your style?: Mix'n'Match.

Names: Virginia, Erin, Helena
Ages: 21, 21, 20
Studying: Events Management & Drama

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?: 10-20 mins.

Name:  Alyssa
Age: 19
Studying: Bio-Med

What's your favourite place to shop?: My Mum's Wardrobe!

Names: Harry & Emma
Ages: 20 & 19
Studying: German & Business

If you had all the money in the world, where would you shop?: Selfridges.

It's odd to think I've only got around 4 months left of my university life. By the time I graduate in July, my life will be once again packed up in boxes - although this time they're travelling a little farther than just up the M6. I'm moving to Australia. Really, I'm moving back, seeing as I was born and grew up in Sydney, but still - it's a pretty big change. Obviously, I'm already planning my wardrobe, and there is one lady in my mind. Miranda Kerr. Here's what I'm talking about...

So, in homage to my new Aussie girl crush, and my imminent move back to our shared hometown, here is this week's Wish List, entitled 'WWMW?', or 'What Would Miranda Wear?'. Enjoy!

1. 'Swallow Plains' Jacket, French Connection, £110. Come fly with me, here.
2. 'Antigona' Medium Grainy Leather Tote by Givenchy, Selfridges & Co, £1,290. Totes amaze, here.
3. Fluted Skirt Mini-Dress by Alexander McQueen, Matches Fashion, £1,075. Flute and score, here.
4. 'Scooter' Stripe Tshirt by Marc by Marc Jacobs,, £260. Scoot on over, here.
5. 620 Mid-Rise Super Skinny Jeans by J Brand, Matches Fashion, £190. Skinny minnie, here.
6. 'Carmen' Signature Shoes by Charlotte Olympia, Matches Fashion, £625. Gilded butterfly, here.
7. Nail Polish in 'Alarm' by Illamasqua, Selfridges & Co, £14. Raise the alarm, here.
8. Heeled Ballerina Pumps, Topshop. £24. Well-heeled, here.
9. Cat Eye Acetate Sunglasses by Tiffany & Co, Harvey Nichols, £238. Cat got the cream, here.
10. Multi-Spike Collar, Topshop, £17. Take a spike, here.
11. Black Cut-Out Long Line Bikini, Topshop, £30. Cut out and pin up, here.

Belle x

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