Guest List Mondays #1 - Snow Special

So I've had a pretty novel idea this week. I'm starting a 'Guest List Mondays' special, where I rope in a friend doing something interesting to share what they're wishing for this week. Enter one of my best friends, Iona. She's possibly got the coolest job ever. Out on the mountains of Austria (not singing the Sound of Music...), she straps a camera to herself and heads to various snow parks, recording skiers and snowboarders at the top of their game, doing gravity-defying tricks and stunts. Then she goes and has a beer with them. Check out and 'like' her Facebook fan page for her media company, ICAT, HERE. Rather than trying to strike out with my limited, 'family-holiday' experience of skiing, I thought I'd get her to put together a Wish List of what's hot right now in SnoWear. So, over to Iona...

As February half term approaches many of you will be off somewhere snowy for a few days or weeks on the hill. So here I am/ICAT is to make sure you are updated on ski fashion essentials for the 2012/13 season.  

Lets start at the beginning. Your attitude. Know your level and stick to it.  Be respectful, and easy going, and listen to those people who know more than you. The mountain is not to be reckoned with, neither are the locals who’s town you are invading. Do a bit of research before you go on the resort and ski area.  Read some magazines, watch a freeski movie or two, or three...

Quicksilver presents Candide Thovex, king of the hill in ‘Few Words’.  Have your mind blown and your reality checked during this document of ski madness.

Available in full on iTunes to Rent or Buy, just CLICK HERE.

The freeski world’s photo journal containing beautiful snapshots and brilliant articles on the top rated of the moment. 

Now for your kit.  ‘All the gear, no idea girl’ is not a nice image.  So a few tips on how to rock your outfit:
  • Your goggles must be connecting with your hat at all times, its a giveaway if you a ‘gaper’ gap that you are clueless.  
  • Make sure your pants aren’t ankle swinging; you want them touching the ground, even when in your boots.
  • If you want to be cool, all your upper body wear should be long. This means body of the jacket should be longer than the jacket’s sleeves. 
  • Stick to your femininity/style in the right way. Where outerwear and equipment is concerned stick to the latest ski trends.  For everything underneath, do it your way, jazz it up with base layers, painted nails, perfect hair and make up.  Fuck it, fake tan too, why not?
The 2012/13 season trends are camo, khaki, beiges, and neutral tones. Think bleached skater rustic looks. ICAT was very lucky to gain entry to ISPO in Munich this year to see all the 2013/14 ranges. I can tell you that colours are harking back to the 70’s next season with mustards, rustic browns and reds, and bright royal blues, so maybe mix some of these in to be ahead of the crowd.  

When it comes to picking skis, it is so important to choose one that suits you.  Choose a ski that suits your ability and in the right size.  If you like skiing piste, rent a piste ski.  If powder is what you are after, try the VJJ by Armada, its the very best girls powder ski on the market trust me; soft and floatatious, you are going to feel like you are riding a new sex toy in the deep stuff.  If you can’t choose between park, powder or piste try out the ARV or the ARW for the not so experience but adventurous park riders.  Try Elis Brigham Mountain Sports for some good quality advice, and even a chance to demo your new ski for free before you buy them.  Do not look on the internet for help, you will just meet a bunch of people like yourself who think they know better.   

1. VJJ (Powder/Big Mountain) by Armada Skis, comes in sizes 165cm, 165cm. £520. Buy here.
2. ARV (All Mountain) by Armada Skis, comes in sizes 165cm, 175cm, 185cm. £470. Buy here.
3. ARW (Park) by Armada Skis, comes in sizes 161cm, 166cm. £440. Buy here.
4. One (The All rounder) by White Dot Skis, comes in sizes 166cm, 173cm, 180cm. €500. Buy here.

Boots are the most important part of your outfit, they need to be fitter perfectly by professionals to ensure maximum performance and comfort.  Again, try Elis Brigham’s for a full fitting, they spend a lot of time and effort training their staff to help you so its worth a shot!

Okay, without further a do, here’s my Mons Monday wish list:

1. Smile Hoodie. RPM Apparel Co. $99NZD. Buy here.
2. Rasta Lion Dress. TallT Productions. $36. Buy here.
3. Black Logo Hoodie. Black Label Project. £60. Buy here.
4. Vintage Sunglasses. Nike Eyewear. $80. Buy here.
5. 'Soul Sister' Ski Boots. Full Tilt. $530. Buy here.
6. Black Logo Gator. Black Label Project. £15. Buy here.
7. APX Goggles. Dragon. $180. Buy here.
8. 'Isis' Jacket. Armada. £240. Buy here.
9. 'Merchant' Pant. Holden. $280. Buy here.
10. Black Leggings. Mons Royale. $120NZD. Buy here.
11. 'Neppy' Beanie. Holden. $36. Buy here.
12. 'Fishtail' Parka. Holden. $220. Buy here.

Iona & Belle x

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