Tune Tape Tuesdays #16

Today you're witnessing another Tune Tape Tuesday breaking all previous records. This week I've lovingly hand-picked 21 new music tracks for you all to listen to, gathering tunes from pretty much every genre - including remixes and mash-ups. I've also put them all in a handy folder again for you to download and listen to on the go - just click THIS LINK and thank me later. This week I've sorted the tunes by categories, so if you're a party-pooper and don't like Dance, you can skip to the 'Indie' or 'Hip Hop' section and be all alternative n shit. 

So let's start with some Indie for a change. This week's top track comes from the band Elephant with their song Skyscraper. With dreamy vocals and a swing beat that makes you want to "scrape the sky", I'm predicting this song is going to be big for summer. It's got that sunny BBQ vibe - all you need is a Corona and a great group of friends. In the Dance stakes, we've got some Deep House with Claptone and No Eyes (feat. Jaw). With slick vocals and a beat that builds up to what can only be described as 'groovy', this is one song that'll definitely get your derrieres shakin'. If you like that, definitely check out the offerings from Satin Jackets and AMTRAC, the latter featuring a sample from the late 90's track Ghetto Superstar by MYA (if anyone remembers that, if not, click here), which in turn was loosely based on Dolly Parton and Kenny Chesney's Islands in the Stream - that's some music knowledge for you. At the end, I've also shoved in a Dubstep remix from Protohype & Carnage (carnage being the operative word) of Röyskopp's new track, Running to the Sea. Get down wit yo bad self. Next up, we've got a couple of new HipHop releases, one from FloFilz with Sippin - representing CalifornI.A. in sound and spirit; the other Asher Roth's new offering, a major departure from College he released a few years ago to a world-wide cringe. A few of you'll know how fond I am of covers, so to share my enthusiasm, I've put a couple under their very own heading. First up is a cover of one of my favourite bands, Beirut, and their lesser-known song Sunday Smile. Kishi Bashi strips it back to the bare essentials, and adhere's to the Beirut spirit with his beautifully haunting vocals. Next we have the Soundcloud-banned Azealia Banks's take on the Harlem Shake. Luckily I've managed to find a version that's slipped through the censors. Freestyling like a suped-up Lil'Kim, Azealia is pure dynamite. We also have a cover of Phoenix's Lisztomania by Two Blondies x One Uku. Swapping male for female vocals, paring it back and adding some sax, the ladies manage to turn this classic track into something new and fresh. Purity Ring is also back with their new single Grammy, which is a cover of a Soulja Boy song. I loved their album they released last year, and I can only predict great things for them in the coming months - starting with this. Next category is Chillwave/Electric, this week headed up by Parker Ighile (no I don't know how to pronounce that, either) and So Beautiful. Vaguely reminiscent of Gyptian, the song couples classic R&B lyrics with a grinding bass beat that is just plain naughty. The Weeknd is also making another showing on TTT, this time teaming up with Hucci to give us I Got You - an unashamedly sexy tune with the great vocals The Weeknd are known and loved for. Finally, we have a choice of Remixes/Mashups for you to enjoy, first of which is Monsieur Adi's take on the great Laura Mvula's Green Garden (which, if any of you watch Graham Norton, was featured a couple of weeks back). Monsieur Adi turns this into a bass-heavy, dreamy pleasure with added instrumentals. Truly beautiful. Lastly, I've got big love for Flume, who have been consistently great throughout 2012 and into 2013. This month, they've been mashed-up with Notorious B.I.G. by Jaymee Franchina & Jeremy Smith, who are giving away their album, 'B.I.G. Flume' for free. Just click HERE. I've put up the two tracks which I'm crushing on this week, but to be honest, they've done a great job with the album and it's awesome to hear Biggie being mixed with something so current. Give it a listen and tell me what you think!



Hip Hop




Belle x

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