Tune Tape Tuesdays #17

Top of a Tuesday to you. Wherever you are - and judging by my audience stats, that's anywhere from Israel to Columbia, Canada to the Ukraine (whoop!) - I hope the week's treating you alright so far. If not, don't fret: I've got a great selection of Tunes to make the rest of the week all that more bearable. I've had some good feedback on the decision to put everything in a downloadable folder for you all, so that's going to become a thing now. Here's the LINK for this week's pick. For this Tape I've sorted them into two categories: 'Pipe the F*ck Down', and 'Wake the F*ck Up'. Aggressive, but effective.

Right, down to the music. This week's Number One goes to The S That Stood For Nothing, by The Midwest Indies. Granted, it's not the perkiest of tunes, but it's catchy and the lyrics are heartfelt and thoughtful ("this wound with salt, it's not our fault, the pain just lingers...as we've done the math, tried every path, with shaking fingers"). The vocals and guitar riffs are sure to strike a chord (pardon the pun) with any Mumford fans out there - give it a chance, it's a grower. The first of two songs this week that bear my name is Words for Arabella, by Maybeshewill. Purely instrumental, it builds up to an uplifting crescendo that will brighten the darkest of days - and that's a guarantee. Second is Bells by MAESA, which is a dreamy folk tune that reminds me of early stuff by Feist (think along the lines of that Indie wedding anthem Mushaboom). Rhye was featured on one of my very first Tune Tapes, but this time, his song Open gets a facelift by another TTT favourite, Ryan Hemsworth. Hemsworth stays true to form, letting Rhye's song speak for itself but putting his signature spin on it - a progressive backbeat that takes the track to another level. Last week featured the Monsieur Adi remix of Laura Mvula's track of the moment, Green Garden. This week, she's back, this time teaming up with Sohn to create an other-wordly, dream version. Sit back and let it take you places - maybe even a Green Garden, who knows. Big news: Phoenix is back, releasing their first material since their Lisztomania album (thank God, because there were only so many remixes of that I could take). Entertainment heralds a great comeback, and I can't wait to see what else the boys are going to come up with. First up on the 'Wake the F Up' playlist is the fantastic # Remix of Alt-J's track of last summer, Breezeblocks. Listed as 'Trapstep', it's a fun-loving version of the Nu-Wave anthem, and will make you fall in love with the track all over again. Worth a mention is Emperor with Dust & Echoes, a dark and fragile Dubstep tune that is a far cry to the commercial and generic Skrillex wannabe crap that's out there at the moment. Restrained and absorbing, let's hope this marks a departure for Dubstep in a more respectable direction. For a good time, stick on Viceroy's Remix of Montell Jordan's 90's anthem This Is How We Do It and party like it's 1999. Finally, Major Lazer's album release may have been pushed back, but the Don has released an EP of remixes to keep us happy until that time comes. Featured on there is Jack Beat's filthy version of Jah No Partial for you to get low to. Last but not least, if you like the new sensation that is Trap, you'll love Jacob Plant's Shakedown. To quote Maximus Decimus Meridius: "When I give my signal, unleash hell."

Pipe the F*ck Down

Wake The F*ck Up

Belle x

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