Tune Tape Tuesday #33

Here in Britain, we seem determined not to rest on the laurels of last Summer's Olympic Golds. What with Andy Murray winning Wimbledon, the Stones playing Glastonbury, and the sun shining for more than 4 consecutive days, it's set to be a Summer of just as many impressive firsts. Not wanting to feel left out, I've decided to break a little personal best of my own: this Tune Tape will be the BIGGEST yet, with 30 massive tracks to accompany your Summer. In light of the gargantuan size of this collection, I've decided not to blurb each track; I'll just do a paragraph outlining the best (just in case anyone gives a crap what I think). So with no further ado; I give you the Soundtrack to your Summer...

One of the stand out tracks of this week, if only for originality, is Sombear's Love You In The Dark. It's chillingly sexy, with a haunting, grinding, bassline wobble providing a backbone to some electrically altered vocals. Not quite Dubstep, not quite Electro, and not quite Chillwave, I've put it in its very own category of 'SexDrop'. Maybe it'll catch on, who knows.
Next up is Lane 8, who have been gaining a lot of exposure these past few weeks with some truly great Progressive House tracks - including, but not exclusive to, Be Mine. Prog House has got to be the best genre for the Summer months - none other would be at home in cars with the windows down, at barbeques, picnics, or sunbathing on the beach. Just invest in some good speakers.
For those that like their Drum'n'Bass served straight up, check out Seba with Identity, who mixes some classic DnB basslines and beats with other-worldly robotic lyrics. "This is my sound."
For some more of what I'm pioneering as 'SexDrop', have a listen to Stwo's Lovin U, which layers some beautiful female RnB lyrics on top of a wobble that makes you want to procreate. Alternatively, just switch on your subwoofer and let the bass make love to that.
I've talked a lot about the 'New Indie' sound, and The Night VI's exemplifies the female-led strand of the genre. With echoes of bands like The Jezabels and Camera Obscura, Thinking of You has a sadness and a strength about it; a vunerability that comes from the nature of the lyrics and a solidarity from the confident vocals. Good stuff.
I've been banging on about London Grammar for ages, and it would seem that at last they might get some global recognition: they've teamed up with Disclosure on their new track, Help Me Lose My Mind. As usual, Disclosure have guaranteed that you won't be able to get this song out of your head for weeks, but good on the boys for choosing such great artists to do collabs with. For a second serving of London Grammar, they've also released a solo track, Strong. With a distinctive 90's-inspired, feminist feel (take your cues from Alanis Morisette, No Doubt, Garbage, Madonna's Frozen), it really is a beautiful showcase of lead singer Hannah Reid's vocal range.
Right, hands up who likes saxophone solos? That's everyone then. This week I'm giving you double doses, first with Postiljonen's Atlantis, whose 80's sounding solo gives way an ethereal Chillwave number; secondly with Klingande and their Prog House track Jubel (think along the lines of Klangkarussell's Sonnentanz).
If you'd rather some Electro with your House, stick on Vicetone's remix of Matthew Koma's One Night. A total guilty pleasure, but hey, everything in moderation, right?
Seeing as you've nearly strayed into the world of Pop, why not jump right in and check out Urban Noize's remix of the utterly fabulous Lana Del Rey's new track, American, which features another chart heavyweight: Jay-Z. This is possibly the American equivalent of that collaboration Florence & The Machine did with Dizzee Rascal at Glastonbury. Legendary? You decide.
T'wouldn't be a Tune Tape without a cover or two. This week it's split between Parra for Cuva's cover of Chris Isaak's classic Wicked Games (a song I now have three different cover versions of on my iTunes. Apparently it never gets old.), and Alice Jemima taking on Blackstreet's No Diggity (of which, if you were paying attention, I featured Bondax's remix of last week - yay for continuity!). Parra for Cuva puts a groovy little salsa beat onto Isaak's original, as well as using female vocals to give it a different edge. I think it works. As for Alice Jemima, I still prefer Chet Faker's cover of the same song, but hey, good effort gal.
Jai Paul, after the success of relatively underground anthems like BTSTU and Jasmine, has returned with his new track, Track 3/Zion Wolf. It's a slightly different sound for him, perhaps a little more commercial, but no less catchy or enjoyable. Have a listen and see if you agree.
If you're up for a solo boogie (who isn't), stick on Figgy's track, Can't Hide, who, in a Giraffage style, mixes up the CeCe Peniston (lol) classic, Finally, in a totally awesome way. Forget tragic Dad-dancing on a wedding discofloor, this track comes with bags of street cred. Wig out, man.
Whenever I find a good mashup, I try to include it in the Tune Tape. This week's is Blood Orange's mix of Kendrick Lamar and The Sugababes. And who doesn't love the Sugababes? No-one? Well, let Blood Orange change your mind with this mashup - there's no guilt in this pleasure.
As we're on Pop, Panic City have remixed Maroon 5's new track, Love Somebody quite successfully. Although I have no idea what the original sounds like, they've laid down an Electro House pulse onto it, and come out with something that a DJ like Tiesto would be pretty proud of. Totally Euro, totally naughty, totally worth it.
On the back of their huge hit, 100%, Duke Dumont has released its new offering, Hold On, which is a bit more introspective and deep than their previous track. 'Hold On' to your hats, this one's gonna be big.
Finally for some Chillwave (swiftly turning into the signature genre of Tune Tapes), have a play of Brothertiger and Gallant, who serve up some self-searching music with In Mind and If It Hurts, respectively. Perfect for all my 'Rants' on here, but hopefully they'll provide some chilled-out contrast to your Summer playlist.

Whichever part of the Northern Hemisphere you're in, enjoy the Summer Sunshine!
Belle x

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