Wish List Mondays #11 - S/S13 Fashion Special

So I'm doing things a little differently this week as well. Last week, I posted on Men's Fashion, and I got some good feedback. Namely from my friend Sophie, who suggested this week I should do a post on not just what's happening now in fashion, but what is going to happen in the future. Now, I'm not one of those girls who pores over the glossy pages of Vogue every month, or saves up to buy ludicrously expensive couture - but I do take a vague interest in what I should look out to buy in the near future. But I didn't think mere curiosity/bullshit would cut it if I was going to do an honest post about my fashion predictions this year. So I did a little research. Disclaimer: these aren't copy and pasted from a fashion blog, I just looked over designers' SS13 collections and wrote down what I saw looked like a trend. I'm also not psychic, so if you go and blow a grand on an oriental bomber jacket and you're too embarrassed to ever wear it - don't blame me. I'll also tell you what things from this year I think you should keep, and the crap you should probably throw out/give to Oxfam. Alright, let's begin.


Tweed - as seen on the Ralph Lauren and Burberry catwalks. Dress it up or wear it with trainers (my personal choice).
Yellow - not neon, sunshine. As seen on the Louis Vuitton and Gucci catwalks.
Louis Vuitton
Emerald Green - as seen in Burberry Prorsum and Gucci. Gain inspiration from the 'Emerald City' out of The Wizard of Oz.
Duck Egg Blue - as seen on the Givenchy catwalk. Along with Emerald Green, this is my fave colour for this year.
Oriental - as seen on the Loewe, Proenza Schouler, Isabel Marant and many others. Personally, I think it's best to do this trend subtley, but if you're one for statement pieces, look no further.
Proenza Schouler
Monochrome - as seen, uh, everywhere. This one's gonna be big, people. From Marc Jacobs to Chanel, everyone had a bit of B&W going on. Large stripes seem to be the order of the day, but I quite liked the subtlety of small polka dots and checks used in the Chanel show. Hey, each to their own.
Marc Jacobs
Delicate Sandals - as seen in Topshop Unique. This wasn't a huge trend, but I'm going to branch out and say that I think 90's style, thin-straped, high-heeled sandals are going to have a comeback. ...or I'm just gonna wear them by myself.
Topshop Unique


  • Ankle Boots - especially heeled (good news for me, as I just bought another pair.)
  • Hats - unless you can't wear them. KNOW YOUR LIMITS, LADIES.
  • Bomber Jackets - not my favourite trend, but I might be tempted by a retro, oversized man's one. 
  • Cropped Trousers - wear with heels unless you are blessed with the legs of Gisele. 
  • Embellishments - it would seem that all that glitters isn't gold, but it does look damn pretty.
  • Leather - why would you ever throw it away? Although think less biker jackets, more skirts, dresses and trousers (but try not to be Ross in that Friends episode).
  • Fur - stash it away for next winter.
  • Platforms - still going strong, although not the 'flatforms'. Chuck them away, you don't have a cleft foot.


  • Wedge Trainers - which sucks, because I really like mine.
  • Military - this includes khaki and camouflage...wah.
  • Patterned Leggings - I mean, did anyone honestly wear these? Apart from 15 year old girls?
  • Neon - you're not at an underage rave.
  • Peplum - thank fuck for that.
  • Bodycon - ditto.
  • Metallics
  • Tie or Dip Dye
Ok, back to me. Inspired by my research, I have compiled a Wish List for this week of things that I would actually wear. So, in case any of you care, here it is:

1. Quilted Tweed Jacket by Barbour, Coggles, £100 (was £200). Tally ho, here.
2. Bird Embroidered Shirt, Topshop Premium, £65. Birds of paradise, here.
3. Contrast Pocket Cashmere Jumper by Chinti & Parker, Matches, £305. Emerald City chic, here.
4. Chambray Shirt, Topshop, £29. Nothing but (pale) blue skies, here.
5. Leather Skirt, H&M, £60. Don't forget the talcum powder, here.
6. Cream Trilby Hat, Topshop, £20. Cheap Trills (sorry), here.
7. Snake Bangle by Elsa Peretti, Tiffany & Co, £400. Snake charmer, here.
8. Mid-Heel Tassel Loafers, Topshop, £68. Loaf around, here.
9. Buddha Charm Bracelet, MyFlashTrash, £115. Get lucky, here.
10. Duck Egg 'Falabela' Wallet by Stella McCartney, Harrods, £310. Cool blue, here.
11. Pointed Court Shoes, Topshop, £58. Make them green with envy, here.

Well that's all for this week, folks. I hope you enjoyed.

Belle x

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