Happy Birthday to Me

Yesterday I turned 22. Birthdays, like Christmas, come but once a year. I like to take advantage of this by stretching out the anniversary of my birth a few days - so celebrations started the night before with a trip to the theatre. I'm lucky to have a boyfriend who actually listens when I talk, so months ago when I mentioned that I'd love to see The Woman in Black (having already seen the film adaptation), he stored it away in his thinking cap for a rainy day. This was the rainy day. Off we went to Covent Garden to the Fortune Theatre to be scared out of our skin for the next two hours. For those who don't know, The Woman in Black has been described as "the most nerve-shredding play in the West End". Simple, uncluttered staging encourage you to utilise your imagination, and in turn, this amplifies your fear considerably. If you haven't seen it, check it out - it's a definite experience!

After a very late-night drinks party, I managed to drag myself out of bed and awake my boyfriend. Desperately in need of food and fresh air, we headed out once again to Covent Garden...
How?! visit my favourite Mexican Restaurant: Wahaca. Dotted around London, the restaurant in Covent Garden is a brightly coloured underground cavern; a hive of activity with amazing smells hitting you left right and centre. Meeting a few friends, we sat down and immediately wanted to order everything on the menu... (unfortunately I was too distracted by my hunger to take my own pictures, but I managed to find some on Wahaca's FB page)
Fennel-Covered Pork Scratchings
Passion Fruit & Hibiscus Cooler
...we started with Fennel-Covered Pork Scratchings, served with Guacamole dip. Sounds weird, but probably the best combination I've tasted in a long while. I sipped on a Passion Fruit & Hibiscus cooler, while the boys drank Mexican Beers. Our appetites still raging, the boys ordered a couple of plates of 'Street Food', while I chowed down on a Pulled-Pork Burrito and an Avocado and Pumpkin Seed Salad...
Pulled Pork Burrito
Avocado & Pumpkin Seed Salad
Our stomachs feeling very content, we wandered back through Covent Garden. Having spent my Summer in France gorging myself on macaroons, I couldn't resist stopping to pick up dessert for dinner at...

Scurrying back to Chelsea, we took a trip down the Kings Road to pick up ingredients for my Birthday Dinner. For starters, I served my friend's Dad's recipe of 'Prawn Pate', followed by a Garlic & Rosemary Stuffed Leg of Lamb for main - with Sautéed Curly Kale, Twice-Cooked New Potatoes & Spring Onions... 
With his permission, I give you:
Jimbo Jones's Perfect Prawn Pâté
(Serves 6-8 (or 4 very hungry human hippos)

You will need: Prawns (preferably soaking in brine)
Pancetta (crisped up under the grill)
1 Full Fat Tub of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1 Packet of Garlic & Herb Boursin
2 Cloves of Garlic (crushed)
Finely Chopped Parsley
Lemon & Pepper to taste (no salt needed)

Simply mix all the ingredients together and serve with toasted baguette. Calorie-laden heaven.

Garlic & Rosemary Stuffed Leg of Lamb
...but a birthday wouldn't be a birthday without presents! When my parents arrived with a GIANT BOX, I knew it was gonna be good. First I unwrapped a very pink, very girly, bottle of birthday champagne...
...before tentatively untying the ribbon on my big white box. Inside this big, white box, was a big, brown bag. Inside this big, brown bag was another box. Inside this box was a large, felt bag. And finally, untying this bag revealed my very own Mulberry Bayswater - wishlisted all those weeks ago! 
Isn't it gorgeous?!

Let's just say this: if Carlsberg did Birthdays, they'd all be like this one. Thanks to all who made my day so special - the year has gotten off to a most magnificent start.

Much love and Happy New Year,
Belle x

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