Tune Tape Tuesdays #11

If you're a student like myself, roundabout now is exam period. Which means everyone is in need of two things, music wise: chilled stuff to revise to, and some 'Block Rockin' Beats' to go nuts off when you're finished. Luckily for you, I've already sorted it out. 

Feeling guilty over not giving you any new music last week, I have sweated and toiled to source out a prime selection of 18 totally new tracks for you to listen to. No worries, you're welcome. Track of the Week goes to Active Child's hauntingly amazing cover of Ellie Goulding's Hanging On. This guy's vocals are just insane. I'm gonna put it out there: he's the next Bon Iver. Close second is Hybrid Minds's Remix of Jakwob's Blinding, which he released a few months ago. I love this style of DnB - it's perfect for revising, or just staring out the window at the world to. Really beautiful and easy listening. A trend seemingly happening in music at the moment is mixing up old-school R&B and Hip Hop with smooth, electronic beats and glitches, as seen in Ana Caprix's Dry Ice (using a sample from that unforgettable 2006 hit Baby It's You by JoJo and Lil' Bow Wow. Memories.), Wet Paint's The Rain Came Down, and WISKIM's Remix of Miguel's Sure Thing. For those who have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, pop on Adriatique's funky Rework of the incredibly diverse Major Lazer's (pron. May-jah Lay-zah) new track Get Free. It will make you dance like nobody's business. Sound Remedy always does a great job of reworking major artists' tracks; turning their tunes into something fresh, while still respecting what the song's about. Video Games (the original) is one of my favourite songs ever, so for someone to get a thumbs up from me on a remix of it is a big deal. For those crazy kids who love a good skank, I've got two treats for you this week. One comes curtesy of the infamous Zeds Dead who have remixed Marina and the Diamonds' Lies into an R-rated Dubstep banger, which is both filthy and offensive. The second is the relatively new Kicks N Licks, who have created one of the best drops I've heard in a while on their track Who Knows. For best results, play loudly on good speakers. Finally, we've got some miscellaneous tracks, which are definitely worth a few minutes of your time. Special mention is the eclectic track Requiem for the New World by AZEDIA. At 10 minutes long, it requires some determination to get through, but if you put it on in the background while you go about making your breakfast, I promise you'll be well rewarded. Flo of 'The Machine' fame also features in the A$AP Rocky track I Come Apart - my favourite HipHop/Rap track of the moment. 

Now it's time to sit down, shut up, and listen. Enjoy!


The New R&B

Party Time


Belle x

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