Tune Tape Tuesdays #19

Greetings, fellow Tune Tapers, and a very happy Tuesday to you all. I hope you all had a great St. Paddy's Day - personally I didn't even realise it was going on, but there we go - and are looking forward to some good music...because that's what this is. It's a music post. Welcome. In a couple of days I'll have something really special for you, but for now, it's just a plain old Tune Tape - except not plain, or old; very cool, and very new. Recently I've been rekindling my lost love of Indie music, after I took a break from it for a year or so. If anyone's interested in what's new and exciting on the scene, then check out Earmilk.com's incredible weekly playlist: The Indie Sabbath. Before I get put out of the job, I should probably get down to MY music for you this week. So here we go...

Top track for this week is Free n Losh's rework of Led Zeppelin's classic track, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You. Man, if I had a dollar for every time I'd heard that... I'd have about $3. Free n Losh have transformed this progressive rock anthem into a mellow dubstep masterpiece. Lately I'd been losing faith in Dubstep, but when I occasionally manage to find a track like this, I remember why I used to love it. Next up we have the legendary Matt Pond, who has apparently gone solo after 15 years of fronting the band of a similar name, Matt Pond PA. Having lost none of his enthusiasm in that time, Love To Get Used is a finger-tapping, feel-good piece of Indie-Pop, which everyone needs a good dose of now and again. Which is why I've given you two: Cut to Black by Lemaître is another tune to put a spring in your step and a smile on your face - ignore the stares, you look fabulous. If you want a different kind of offering, look no further than the next two songs. Sideswiped by Astronauts, etc has some excellent incorporation of steel drums (which can only be a great thing) underpinning a heartfelt, dreamy ballad. Loft Apartment, by contrast, are pretty much the female (and FINNISH (yep, from Finland)) equivalent of James Blake. Have a listen to their track Someone's Will (To Have You) and see if you agree. By now, you should know that I have a bit of a thing for covers. I'm trying to get everyone on the same page, which is why I've included two covers this week. Chet Faker covers Burial's Archangel, which, can I just say, is fabulous. He turns it into a whole new song, making the lyrics the centre focus, rather than the wobbles and glitches of the original. AlunaGeorge covers the timeless Disney song, I Wanna Be Like You - YES THE ONE FROM THE JUNGLE BOOK. The lyric "I'm the King of the swingers, the jungle VIP" has got to be one of the best ever written. Seriously. Next up we've got a remix from FlicFlac, who reworks Bon Iver's Blood Bank beautifully, somehow managing to heighten the message of the lyrics while putting down a nice progressive beat underneath. We've also got a remix of Daft Punk - or should I say Daft FUNK, because this track is pretty funky. That was a terrible joke. I'm sorry. Now and again, I come across a REALLY good mash-up. This week, I found two. My favourite is Bastille vs. The XX, entitled No Angels. It's my favourite for two reasons. Number one, it features Bastille doing a cover (we talked about this earlier) of TLC's Scrubs (probably in my top 10 best 90's songs). Number two, it samples Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho - um, amazing. For those of you fond of a bit of instrumental music, have a listen to Ash by Rezonate (an uplifting DnB track) and A Year In The Rain by Strife II (an atmospheric DnB tune). For something more off the beaten track, check out Kobenhavn (nope, no idea what it means) by LeMain. Really original stuff - can't wait to see what direction they go in next. Finally, I'm all about giving friends a helping hand - but only if they deserve it. The final track is my very talented mate, Harry Swinton (aka Cospatric), who writes beautiful songs and records them at his desk between lectures (just imagine what he could do in a studio!). Please give him some love on Facebook HERE and have a browse of his Soundcloud HERE.

As usual, all tracks are available for a handy download by CLICKING HERE. Thank you please.

Until next week...

Belle x

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