Tune Tape Tuesdays #20

Once again, I'm having to apologise to you all for being late for Tune Tapes this week. As you will know if you read my previous post, I unhooked myself from the mainframe this week and went for a little gander in the countryside - sans signal, internet, or central heating. But now I'm back in the 21st century, and am compensating for my absence with what I believe is one of the best Tune Tapes...wait for it...EVER. This week I'm using Dropbox for sharing - here's THE LINK to download the huge selection of tracks. You're welcome.

This Tune Tape is all about the chill. Apart from the Top Track of this week, which is an exception: Higher, a collaboration between Just Blaze x Baauer. Featuring vocal samples from the fabulous Jay Z, this track matches Baauer's huge hit, Harlem Shake, from last year, and in many ways tops it. Guaranteed to get any party started with its huge drops and well-timed wobbles, stick it on and get Next up is Blood Orange's remix of Phoenix's newest single, Entertainment, which was featured on TTT a few weeks ago. Introducing new vocals and a slow and sexy down beat, it's a great rework of the band's newest offering. Atu is a new band offering some great tracks. This week, I'm featuring Can Do It, a multi-layered chillwave tune that is perfect for putting on at the end of a long day. Promise Me has been aptly described by Misun as 'aquawave'; somewhere between dubstep and chillwave, it's another relaxing offering with confident wobbles and well-timed synth. KRONO is up next, remixing Soul's newest prodigy: Aaron Smith's Dancin. It's sexy with soulful vocals, but funky enough to have you twirling down the street on the way to the bus. Great stuff. Clean Bandit is back this week, reworking one of Rudimental's newest tracks, Waiting All Night. Featuring vocals from Ella Eyre, CB has transformed the track into their typically minimal and experimental style really effectively. Best to listen to after a heavy night out. Jessie Ware is just about to release her album, 'Devotion' in the US - no doubt to much acclaim. The album features a couple of new tracks, of which Waiting All Night is one. Created with the input of House heavyweight, Julio Bashmore, this track is guaranteed to be one of the anthems of the summer. You heard it here first. Or on Radio 1 last week, when it was given an exclusive play. Either way, it's gonna be big. Phoria is unlike any band I've ever heard. Merging elements from DnB, Chillwave, Indie and Minimal to create a totally new sound, Red is an immersive listen - one to contemplate the world to. Speaking of Indie, Kodaline is back again, with their track High Hopes. With heartfelt lyrics and an uplifting chorus, this is the kind of Indie music I live for. Indulge yourself. Bonobo definitely deserve a feature this week. They've recently released their track, Jets, from their upcoming album 'The North Borders'. Although I was late lover of their first album, I've got really high expectations for this one, and can't wait to hear what they've got in store. Jets is typically laid back and ingeniously layered, building up to an incredible crescendo of sound before slipping back into easy listening. Gabriel was a song I clocked for greatness way back in 2011 when it was first released as a single. Since then, it's been reworked by Calibre, who has turned it into a great liquid DnB tune. Still maintaining the incredible vocals that attracted me to the track in the first place, Calibre does what he does best: creating a fresh and original take on the original which just makes you want to dance. Speaking of dancing, I've decided to throw in Viceroy's remix of The Knocks' tune, Magic. Yes, it's cheesy as hell, but as I've said before, anything which features steel drums automatically gains a place on TTT. Before I shut up and let you listen, I've dug up a couple of remixes of Rihanna's tune of the moment, Stay. While I would usually have an issue of including two remixes of the same song, Marius Hörsturz and NDMA have interpreted the original in such different ways that they're basically two different tracks. Marius plays with the vocals, turning it into an epic Chillwave tune, perfect for relaxing to at the end of a night; while NDMA cranks up the tempo and introduces some wobbles and glitches into the mix. Right, time for you to listen and enjoy - HAPPY EASTER, y'all!

Belle x

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