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One of my most popular posts - as listed in that nifty little widget on the side - is Unlikely People I Find Attractive. Now, while many have described my 'type' of man as, let's say, unconventional, I'm not a complete freak and wouldn't pass up Ryan Gosling for David Cameron at a Full Moon Party (what an image). So, for a bit of fun on a Wednesday night (social life's looking a bit bleak at the moment), I thought I'd put together a little list of things that 'tickle my fancy', if you will. Also it gives me an excuse - as if I needed one - to look up hot guys on google images for 'future reference'...if you catch my drift. Right, before this gets awkward, here are the Top 10 Things That Impress Me Much

1. Designer Stubble

I, perhaps fortunately, cannot grow facial hair - at least none as spectacular as a man's. Therefore, I find it quite impressive when a guy manages to grow some. Here are some examples of what I would describe as some top quality beards; 'chinspiration', if you like.

Jamie Dornan: The Vulnerable Beard
Ryan Gosling: The Strong Beard
David Gandy: The Sophisticated Man-Beard

2. Bone Structure

Call me strange, but I'm an absolute sucker for a good pair of cheekbones. They're pretty much arrows to the mouth, which in my books, makes them like 'sex lines' for the face (more on that later). Here are some great examples:

I do not know this beautiful man's name, but if anyone does, please give him my number.
Ian Somerhalder
Ben Allen

3. Smoking

Yes, it's bad for you. Yes, you might taste like an ashtray. But as one of my favourite men of all time said in his movie Rebel Without A Cause, "live fast, die young" - and if you look this good doing it, it's worth it, right?

Hayden Christenson
Leonardo Di Caprio
James Dean

4. Tattoos

Because everyone likes a bad boy, and I enjoy hearing the stories that go with them. They also make for a great conversation starter, in case you ever need one: "Oh my god, I love your tattoo! Do you have any other ones?" Bingo. 

Jamie Campbell-Bower
David Beckham
Bradley Soileau

5. Arms

Maybe it's been engrained in us through years of living in caves, but I defy you to find me a woman who finds chicken arms attractive in a man. Men are not supposed to be dainty. If they were, then we'd pretty much all be lesbians. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it. Just don't buy me any tickets to a 'gun show', please.

Marky Mark Wahlberg
Gerard Butler
Ryan Gosling

6. Sex Lines

Ok, time to get intimate. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about and gents - if you don't, just look at these pictures.

Linus Gustin
Jamie Dornan
Christiano Ronaldo

7. Hands

I cannot explain it, not even through the use of photos. But you have got to have good, strong, manly hands. Hands that look like they could win a tug-of-war, rather than play the piano. Grr. HANDS.

8. Smile

It's got to make me smile, so it better be a good one. With a hint of cheekiness, if you please. Take a cue from these guys:

Harry Styles - I don't care if he's underage.
Leonardo Di Caprio - and you wonder how he got Rose to pose naked for him...
Jake Gyllenhaal

9. Eyes

I have very normal, very boring, brown eyes. I like guys who have a little spice - green, grey, blue, I really don't care, as long as they can undress me with them. Too much? Let's just look at some pictures then.

Peter O'Toole
Jude Law
Jared Leto

10. Humour

...which annoyingly, you can't really capture in a photograph. But it is something that first attracts me to a guy - forget all the physical features, if you can make me laugh, then you're 99% of the way there my friend. 

I hope the man-porn has spiced up your otherwise uneventful Wednesday night, ladies. Gents...some food for thought, I guess. Just don't think about swapping teams; the gay community's far too good-looking already.

Belle x

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