Going Off The Grid

Once in a blue moon, I get the opportunity to get away from it all. To escape to somewhere in the country that has no signal, terrible internet service, and a roaring fire.  For the past few days, I've been at such a retreat: my friend Iona's farm in Leicestershire. As a life-long urbanite, I'm one of those exasperating people who gets excited by fields of sheep, coos at cows, and hadn't - until Tuesday - ever picked up a live chicken. Yes, folks, while you've been waiting with baited breath for my weekly music instalment, I've been frolicking around on snowy hills with a couple of dogs - Milly and Teasel (and Iona..!) - and warming my frozen tootsies on an open fire. To make you slightly jealous (and to prove that I haven't just been holed up watching TV in my PJ's), I thought I'd do a little photo post of what we got up to on one of our walks...

Dr Zhivago in Leicestershire?
Dude, Where's My Car...

Milly Might Be Small, But She's Mighty...

Teasel's Ready For Her Close-Up...

Snow Drift!

Where Did This Come From?!

Walking On Air (/Snow)

Footsteps In The Snow...
Teasel Got Cold, So We Wrapped Her Up.

La Belle... La Bête.


Atop The Water Tower

(It's The Circle Of Life...)

It looks like Teasel has a human body. Lol.

Tomorrow I'm back with an EPIC Tune Tape to make up for my absence - just in time for Easter!

Belle x

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