Tune Tape Tuesdays #17

It must be something in the air, because this week's Tune Tape is nothing but happy beats and toe-tappin' tracks. In music news, two exciting things happened this week. First was the release of the uber-fabulous Rhye's debut album, which launched today on iTunes. I've been raving about him since Tune Tapes began, and have been counting down the days until Woman dropped for download (yes, I am that sad). If you buy one album this year, definitely purchase this, which can be found here:

Second item of news was that I went and saw the legendary Hip Hop artist and DJ, DJ Premier, on Thursday in Brixton (if you're going to listen to rap, you better do it properly). While waiting outside for our magic pumpkin ride to the safe side of the river, I was approached by none other than UK rapper Terra Slim, who was flogging his latest album on the street. Well, with a premise of "whatever you can give, darling" and an album cover like this:

I can confirm he looks just like this.
...then you know it's going to be good. His track, Genie, features on this week's Tune Tape. If you want the whole album, just drop me a line on here. Alternatively, you could hang round Brixton tube station at 3am and bump into the man himself. As usual, the 13 tracks listed on this week's Tape are available for 'on the go' listening by clicking THIS LINK.

I believe in giving credit where credit's due, so I have to admit that the first two songs were gifted to me by two friends; J and R respectively. King Krule with Octopus is one of the most original artists I've heard in a long time, and one of the only ones that I would choose to post a video for. It's brilliant. Watch it. With vocals reminiscent of early White Lies, this young guy is definitely one to watch. From R, we have Cuthead with the 'grime-step' (there is no other way to describe) anthem No Logic. Definitely one for the early, messy hours of the morning, it captures perfectly the spirit of university basement house parties. I'll leave you to decide whether that's a good thing or not. After the previously mentioned Terra Slim, we have my personal pick of the week: Jared Evans and Pro Create. It signals the new direction that Hip Hop is headed these days; fusing the sexiness of RnB with smooth rap and laid-back beats. Next up is Cynical by Mr FijiWiji, who not just has a name that provides hours of fun, but is one of the rising stars of electronic music - and he's only 17! Readers, watch this space. Kicks n Licks featured on a Tune Tape a few weeks back. This week, they've remixed the XX's song Night Time, off their new album Coexist. One for 'drop-lovers', Kicks n Licks are very quickly making a name for themselves on the already-crowded and uber-competitive Dubstep stage with their original tracks and creative remixes. For some wholesome fun, check out French Horn Rebellion with Girls. It's guaranteed to get you off your sofa and have you bouncing off the walls - totally legally. Taking me back to crowded and sweaty Soho club basements is Cold Blank's remix of Nuthin' But A G Thang. With a filthy Electro House bassline, you'll be aching for the days of Put Your Hands Up For Detroit and Basshunter in no time. Guaranteed. For those who prefer to stay in, have a listen to Fossil Collective and Fyfe's new offerings. With beautiful lyrics and stunning vocals, you can easily spend an afternoon getting lost in these tracks. Finally, we have a TTT favourite, Cyril Hahn with his Hunger Mixtape. At an hour long, it's perfect for sticking on and getting down to the work that you forgot about while dancing to the rest of this week's Tune Tape. Do let me know what you're enjoying, and feel free to recommend anything I should be listening to!

King Krule - Octopus

Belle x

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