Wish List Mondays #22

Apologies for the late hour this post is coming to you at, but I'm afraid I've been hard at work finishing my university dissertation...which I'm proud to announce is now FINISHED! So, to celebrate this, and give me something to work towards and build up a wardrobe for, I've booked a trip to Paris with a friend in July. Yes, it's a while away, and yes, it's only across the channel, but I simply adore Paris. I can't wait to stroll down boulevards lined with Chanel and Dior, to sit in the shade of the Tuileries, and snack solely on Ladurée macaroons. Oh yes, it's going to be a good summer. So this week, I'm kickstarting my Paris wardrobe with a delectable Wish List. Enjoy, mes anges!

1. Green Paris City Print Top, River Island, £28. Green with envy, here.
2. Japanese Flower Bandeau Bikini, Zara, £16. Japanese, if you please, here.
3. Japanese Flower Briefs, Zara, £16. Easy Peasy Japanesy, here.
4. Caleb Grey Sweat by Gestuz, Coggles, £185.
5. Moto Blonde Leigh Skinny Jeans, Topshop, £38. Blondes have more fun, here.
6. Printed Shorts, Zara, £40. Print it out, here.
7. 'Le Cutoff' Red Shorts by Frame Denim, Matches, £159. See red, here.
8. 'Sac du Jour' Structure Tote by Saint Laurent, Matches, £1,935. A grand don't come for free, here.
9. Plastic Aviator Glasses by Ray-Ban, ASOS, £125. Top Gun, here.
10. Jewelled Bib Necklace, ASOS Premium, £40. Crown jewels, here.
11. Coral Stiletto Sandals, River Island, £45. Cry me a river, here.
12. Cherub Ring by Bill Skinner, ASOS, £40. Ring a ring a rosies, here.
13. 'Khan' Animal Slippers, Topshop, £58. Take a walk on the wild side, here.
14. Wood Sandal, Zara, £60. Chip off the old block, here.

Belle x

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