Wish List Mondays #25 - Men's Summer Fashion Special

First up, I'm not going crazy - I have realised that the weekend is over and today is, in fact, Tuesday. Unfortunately my day yesterday was spent travelling from one side of the country to another, then one end to the other. Anyone who is intimate with the British Rail system knows that Wifi on trains is an expensive nightmare, and because I'm a stingy student, I didn't get round to getting a post up. So...apologies. Consequently, Wish List Mondays this week is now on a Tuesday, and Tune Tape Tuesdays will now be on Wednesday. Confused? Great. Let's start.

This weekend I spent with some guy friends. Staying in a house full of men has its downsides; mainly the lack of conditioner in the shower, and the inability to borrow makeup when you've forgotten it (which I did, and paid the price of looking like an extra from Night of the Living Dead for the entire weekend). But it's also got its upsides, particularly when said gentlemen happen to be, well, rather inspiringly trendy, actually. It got me thinking that Wish List Mondays has been a bit sexist and selfish of late, concentrating on fashion for women and emulating the 'It-Girls' of the moment. In light of this, I felt that I owe the male readers of this blog a Wish List. But not just any Wish List, oh no. I thought I might be so bold as to point some of you guys/lads/comrades in the right direction in terms of what looks good in the Summer. Because - and I'm only being honest - this season seems to bring out the worst fashion failures. I know that "for now these hot days the mad blood is stirring", but that is no excuse for some of these regular atrocities made when the temperature starts to soar:

  • Walking topless anywhere other than a pool or beach. You're not going to get a tan standing inside Primark.
  • Shorts below the knee. If you're going to show some leg, you need to fully commit.
    • Side note: socks are not acceptable with shorts unless you want to look like a German tourist c.1985.
  • Flip Flops. Espadrilles all the way.
  • Low-Cut Tshirts. Offensive, in all senses of the word.
  • Finally, please refrain from wearing anything which has a logo like this:

While some of you guys out there may find it a little bit patronising that some chick is telling them what not to wear, let's face it, you're not gonna get any 'Summer Luvin' looking like the above. Trust me. So sit back, relax, and let me show you What Women Want. 

Summer in the City

1. Bandana Detail T-Shirt by Ragged Priest, Topman, £28. Buy it here.
2. Rascals College Logo Sweatshirt, Urban Outfitters, £79. Buy it here.
3. Two-Tone Denim Shirt by Native Youth, Coggles, £45. Buy it here.
4. Chino Shorts by Adidas, EndClothing, £45. Buy them here.
5. Adidas Match Play Trainers in Bliss & White Vapour, EndClothing, £65. Buy them here.
6. Skinny Jeans by Bellfield Koyote, Topman, £35. Buy them here.
7. Foldable Aviator Sunglasses by Carrera, ASOS, £110. Buy them here.
8. Summer Flannel Long-Sleeved Shirt in Red/Grey, Scotch & Soda, €99. Buy it here.
9. Straw Hat, Scotch & Soda, €45. Buy it here.
10. Espadrilles in Classical Blue Tropical by Toms, Office, £42. Buy them here.
11. Bendable Bracelet by Chamula, EndClothing, £55. Buy it here.
12. 'Ask the Missus' Brogue, Office, £70. Buy them here.

Weekend Away

1. Multicoloured Polo by Maison Kitsuné, EndClothing, £135. Buy it here.
2. Slim-Fit Cotton Blazer by Maison Martin Margiela, Mr Porter, £735. Buy it here.
3. Slim-Fit Chino, Scotch & Soda, €109. Buy them here.
4. Bonded Hooded Parka by Junya Matanabe MAN, EndClothing, £1,010. Buy it here.
5. Lenox Sunglasses by Illesteva, EndClothing, £229. Buy them here.
6. Navy Suede Shoes by Paul Smith, Coggles, £155. Buy them here.
7. Canvas Travel Bag by Comme des Garçons, EndClothing, £245. Buy it here.

Peace out, partners.

Belle x

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