Tune Tape Tuesdays #22

In between finishing my dissertation and booking my trip to Paris, I'm surprised I've managed to find time to get any new music... But I have. Coz I'm amazing. Rather than spew small chat about the weather, I thought this week I'd just launch right on into it. So, HERE is the folder for the tunes, I hope you enjoy.

I'm an absolute sucker for great lyrics. Which is why I just couldn't decide between the first four songs which was going to take top place. So let's just say it's an equal split. First up is the brilliant Phosphorescent with Song for Zula. It's a heart-wrenching Indie ballad which will probably make you cry. Do it. Embrace it. At least you're not crying to Mariah Carey. If you prefer to have a healthy weep to a female vocalist, check out Chloe Howl and I Wish I Could Tell You. Far from cheesy, with undertones of synth and a delicious crescendo. If you want a song to reach out and give you a much-needed hug, look no further than David Ramirez and the beautiful Paper Thin. Let it restore your faith that honest gentlemen still exist. But great lyrics aren't confined to slow ballads, just have a listen to The Tallest Man On Earth's single, 1904. You'd be forgiven in thinking it was a long-lost Dylan single from the 60's - it's as well formed and written. Stick it on and twist n shout. If you're a fan of The Jezabels, check out Foxes with Youth. It's a bit of a slow burner, but guaranteed you'll be in love by the time it gets half-way. If you're in the mood for some uplifting liquid DnB, then check out Everything's Just Wonderful by nExow. You'll believe it after listening to it. Your chillwave supplement this week comes courtesy of Ghost Loft with So High. It's heady, sexy, and has just enough of a retro 80's vibe to make it musically legit. For those of you that are digging Trap right now, check out Midas Touch by Muramasa. It's pure gold (pardon the cheap joke). If prefer just bouncing around on your nights out (like me), stick on the TCTS remix of Syron's Here. If you're not having a good time to this song, there is something fundamentally wrong with you. Valentina serves up some serious Fleetwood Mac style vocals on her track, Ladders. Also vaguely reminiscent of The Jezabels, it's one for those who love a 'femme fatale' vocalist. Girl power. For a bit of 'Soul Food', have a listen to White Lies by Max Frost - who I've decided is basically a thin Cee-Lo Green. Which can never be a bad thing. Finally, have a listen to something a bit off the wall: Major Lazer feat. Chronixx with Where I Come From, which puts a reggae spin on May-jah Lay-zah's earlier single, Get Free (featured a couple months back, don't cha know). Personally I love it, but what's your take on it? Alright, enough of my yapping - I've spent way too much time punching away at my keyboard this week. Pretty sure I've incurred a repetitive stress injury. 

Belle x

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