Tune Tape Tuesdays #23

So today I realised I have exactly one month until my university experience officially ends. Yes folks, on May 16th, I will no longer be an active student. Which is a pretty scary thought. I might do a separate post on 'The End of Life as I Know It' another day, but for now I just want to explain that for the next 4 weeks I am using deadlines, revision and exams as an excuse for late-night posts and music of a chilled variety. Of which this week is your first instalment - yay for you! Unfortunately, I haven't put all the tunes in a downloadable folder for you - mainly because I'm becoming a little concerned about copyright laws - but I'm pretty sure most of you have your own ways of obtaining tunes, you don't need me to baby you...

First up is a tune I heard on the soundtrack for one of the episodes of Catfish: The TV Show, which, if you haven't watched it, is a spin-off of the documentary about the dangers of online friendships. Basically those who start disturbing romances with guys/girls who, contrasting to their appealing profile pix, turn out to be fat, balding men. It's addictive viewing. The Line by The Eastern Sea is exactly the type of indie music I love; paired-down drums and acoustic guitar with well thought-out, beautiful lyrics. This track's also got some excellently placed horn playing, which, let's face it, everyone appreciates. If you're ever hungover on a Sunday morning, I'm sure you're familiar with the Channel 4 show, Sunday Brunch. Not only do they make you wish you didn't feel sick by cooking delicious grub, they also put on a playlist of really good new music. You can check out the full selection from last week's show here, but I've included Kid Astray's The Mess on this week's Tune Tape as my favourite track. Revision doesn't have to be all doom and gloom - psyche yourself up with The Shoes's remix of The Bait and let the exam take care of itself. I've recently been indulging in a bit of exercise (a new experience for me), and it's particularly good for running/power-walking/weightlifting (delete as appropriate). As soon as I heard the opening sample of TWRK's Living Room, I knew it had to be included on this week's Tune Tape. Any artist that incorporates E.V.E. feat. Gwen Stefani's Blow Your Mind is a genius, and must be acknowledged as so. Get yo bump'n'grind on. Wet leaves you wanting more with her track, U Da Best. At just under 3 minutes long, it's a short but sweet dose of Chillwave with just the right amount of mellow, romantic undertones. A respectable song to have a right old bawl to. Chet Faker is one of my favourite artists of the last year. He hasn't released much lately, but Akouo have released this rework of his Terms and Conditions. It'll keep your Chet flame alive until he comes out with some new material (which, obviously, will be on here...duh). This week I'm really excited about Josef Salvat, who has released a truly original track, Hustler. Like a cross between James Blake and Bon Iver, his lyrics are utterly mesmerising; standing out next to the minimal Chillwave accompaniment. I can't wait to see where this goes. Teen Daze are also getting bigger with the passing months. I'm pretty sure I've featured them on here before, but more exposure never hurt anyone - so here they are again, this time with Eagles Above, a dreamy, Chillwave track perfect for those longer days we're finally experiencing! It's the perfect track to listen to after a barbecue, just when the sun is setting, and to watch a sky lantern drift off into the sunset. Obviously that's a pretty specific scenario, but listen to it and you'll see what I'm getting at. Finally, a mention definitely needs to go out to Airhead with Autumn. Described as 'post-dubstep', it's a track that refuses to be categorised - but is more beautiful because of it. If any of you have trouble sleeping, stick this on, and sweet dreams to you. Well that's all, folks - keep tuning in and giving your feedback; it's always great to hear from you. 

Belle x

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